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Heel Spur Treatment in Turkey

Heel pain is a common orthopedic complaint. Although there are many disorders that cause this, heel spurs stand out.

In heel spurs, you may experience severe heel pain while taking the first step after waking up in the morning. The pain may decrease after a little movement. But it increases again during the day and can make it difficult for you to walk.

The concept of heel spur is used for bone protrusions on the heel. In fact, heel pain is not caused by these spiky bone protrusions. The condition called plantar fasciitis causes heel pain. Plantar fasciitis is the tearing and inflammation that occurs in the connective tissue called plantar fascia located on the sole of the foot.

Situations such as standing for long periods of time, flat feet, obesity, decreased muscle strength in the foot and physical exertion may cause heel spurs.

In the treatment of heel spurs, recovery is usually achieved without resorting to surgery. However, these treatment methods may extend over a long period of time. That’s why it is very important to continue treatment patiently and not give up. When these methods fail to provide benefit, surgery is used.

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