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Knee Osteoarthritis Treatment in Turkey

Knee arthritis usually occurs with advancing age. However, it can also be seen at an early age as a result of traumas. Knee arthritis occurs when the cartilages in the knee joint wear out and become damaged.

As knee arthritis progresses, the structure of the knee may deteriorate. This can lead to symptoms such as pain, limitation of movement and swelling. Due to knee arthritis, which is common in the society, many patients have difficulty in meeting their daily needs and moving actively.

There are a number of treatment methods that can relieve pain and reduce the limitation of movement in knee arthritis. These treatments are as follows:

  • Ensure weight control
  • Medication
  • Physical therapy and exercise
  • Using supports such as walking sticks
  • Injection treatments
  • Nerve block with cryotherapy

When these non-surgical methods do not provide the necessary healing, it may be necessary to resort to surgical methods. The most up-to-date treatment among surgical methods is robotic knee replacement surgery. Thanks to robotic surgery, knee prosthesis placement can be performed with high precision and pinpoint accuracy. There is also less postoperative pain and faster recovery.

You can make an appointment to get rid of your pain caused by knee arthritis and return to your active life.

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