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Knee Replacement Treatment in Turkey

Knee arthritis, which can cause pain, stiffness and limitation of movement in the knee, greatly affects life. As it progresses, it becomes difficult to perform basic movements such as walking, running and going up and down stairs. That’s why you may feel hindered while doing your work, spending time with your loved ones, or pursuing your hobbies. After a certain point, you may have difficulty standing up and walking, and you may be away from all your activities.

Knee arthritis, which can completely change the course of life, must be treated. Conservative (non-surgical) methods are primarily used in knee arthritis. When conservative (non-surgical) methods do not provide any benefit, knee replacement surgery is used as a permanent and final solution.

Great progress has been made in knee replacement surgeries and many developments have been experienced. Robotic knee replacement surgery is one of these developments. Compared to traditional methods, less pain is felt, the healing process is faster and the life of the prosthesis is longer.

Robotic surgery is available in a few centers in Turkey. You can have knee replacement surgery at Turan Turan Health Center in Bursa, one of the pioneers of robotic surgery, and provide a definitive and permanent solution for knee arthritis.

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