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Wart Treatment in Turkey

Warts are a contagious skin infection caused by the human papilloma virus (HPV). They cause rough bumps to form on the skin and can appear on the hands, face, feet, genitals, under or around the nails. However, it is most common in the hands and feet.

Warts can be transmitted in many ways. These ways are direct contact with the wart, contact with the infected area (such as shower floor, door handle) and sexual intercourse. To prevent warts, it is important to be careful and maintain personal hygiene, especially in shared areas.

Although warts can go away on their own, they need to be treated. This is because warts can cause pain (for example, when they occur on the feet), can spread to other areas and can be uncomfortable in appearance.

Although treatment methods that can be applied at home (such as applying lemon peel and vinegar to the wart) provide positive effects, they may not be sufficient to cure the wart from the root. Therefore, salicylic acid, cryotherapy, laser and microwave (swift) methods can be applied.

The microwave (swift) method is the most up-to-date approach to wart treatment. In this method, a microwave is sent to the area where the wart is located with the help of a device. With the sent microwave, the immune system is activated to eliminate the wart. Microwave therapy is a painless method that does not require dressings or bandages and is completed in short sessions.

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