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Flatfoot Treatment in Turkey

Flatfoot (Pes Planus) refers to the deterioration of the curved structure on the sole of the foot and its flattening. However, in flatfoot, not only the sole of the foot is affected, but also the bone and soft tissue. This is therefore a complex problem in which the structure of the foot changes. One of the most obvious symptoms is pain in the sole of the foot or ankle when standing or moving for long periods of time.

In the diagnosis of flatfoot, your doctor will first perform a physical examination and then refer you for X-rays. He makes the diagnosis as a result of these evaluations. Your treatment process begins according to the severity and symptoms of flatfoot. Treatments are divided into conservative methods and surgical methods.

Conservative (non-surgical) methods that can be applied in the treatment of flatfoot are as follows:

  • Flatfoot exercises
  • Orthoses
  • Medication (painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs)
  • Choosing the right shoes
  • Prolotherapy

Conservative (non-surgical) methods should be tried first in the treatment of flatfoot. If conservative methods do not provide the desired effect, surgical methods should be considered. Arthroeresis flatfoot surgery is a surgery applied in flexible flatfoot in children. Arthroeresis is performed through small incisions, takes place in a short time and allows for rapid healing.

At Turan Turan Health Center, you can access treatments such as arthroeresis, which offers a fast recovery. You can apply for an appointment and contact us to find out what you are curious about.

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