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what is sciatica

What is Sciatica? What is good for sciatica pain?

Sudden pain radiating from the lower back and buttocks down the leg can be a sign of sciatica (sciatica). This pain is...
what is lipedema

What is Lipedema? Symptoms and Treatment Options

Lipedema is a disease that affects the daily lives of many women and has virtually become a public health issue. The fact...
heel spur exercises

Heel Spur Exercises: 11 Exercises You Can Do at Home

Heel spur is a condition that causes severe pain in the heel and limits many daily life activities. Especially when you wake...
heel spur treatment

What is Heel Spur: Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment

Heel pain is one of the most common orthopedic disorders. It can develop for many reasons. However, heel spurs are one of...
symptoms of lumbar arthritis

Lumbar Arthritis: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment

When we talk about arthritis, the first things that come to mind are hip and knee arthritis , but it should not...
gait disorder

What is Gait Disorder and Why Does It Occur?

Walking is a common activity of our daily lives and involves a systematic cycle. This cycle consists of a complex series of...
spinecor treatment

SpineCor Brace: Corrective and Flexible Scoliosis Brace Treatment

Spinal deformities are common health problems encountered both in children and adults and can progress rapidly if neglected. However, with the advancement...
toe walking

Is Tiptoe Walking Normal?

Tiptoe walking can occur in people of all ages. However, babies and children experience this problem more often. After a certain age,...
flatfoot exercises

Flatfeet Exercises

Flatfeet is a condition in which the curved shape of the sole of the foot disappears and the sole flattens as a...
Scoliosis Exercises and Schroth Method

Scoliosis Exercises and Schroth Method

Scoliosis is the name given to the curvature of the spine, which is seen in all ages, especially in young people during...
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