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Lipedema Treatment in Turkey

Lipedema is a disease that mostly affects women and can be confused with conditions such as obesity, cellulitis or lymphedema. Since the awareness of lipedema is low, it becomes difficult to access treatment.

Lipedema is a connective tissue disease that causes fat to accumulate, usually in the arms and legs. Depending on its different types, it can also be seen on the hip and calf. Fats accumulated in certain areas; It can cause a disproportionate appearance, difficulty in joint movements, and pain. Additionally, lipedema may occur with obesity.

In the treatment of lipedema, if the person is obese, it is recommended to lose weight first. Losing weight will not melt the fat in the areas affected by lipedema. However, if excess weight is not lost, lipedema may become severe and may recur even if treated. Another method of treatment is physical therapy. When weight loss and physical therapy do not help, surgical methods can be applied.

Liposuction surgery is a surgical method used in the treatment of lipedema. In this surgery, fat is removed and lipedema is kept under control. There are some risks and complications in liposuction surgery, as in every surgical procedure. However, Liposuction surgery is known as a safe surgery and you can be protected from risks by listening to your doctor’s recommendations.

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